Thought on the one kinda messed up Web Developer "roadmap"

Thought on the one kinda messed up Web Developer "roadmap"


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Today I went on Instagram and saw an advertisement for some sort of programming course. The image was.. interesting, to say the least.
So I took a screenshot ๐Ÿ“ท:

I censored the username and profile picture because I sincerely have no intention of messing other people's business โŒ. I just genuinely want to talk about the Ads.

In the picture there are 12 well-known web-related terms being shown with the word "Week" written on top and a number following it. Presumably, it's what the student will learn on that respective week when taking the course. Let's call it "roadmap" for short.

Some things definitely stand out for me and honestly I disagree much with the roadmap. Here's some:

  1. Learning Javascript before HTML and CSS

Start it off nice and easy. The roadmap planned to teach Javascript before HTML and CSS. Now of course this is not so bad. However, I kinda think the opposite is much better. Javascript is a great language to teach programming logic and functionality for beginners. However, without HTML and CSS, Javascript is pretty much a theoretical language. Sure you can console.log() your code to the terminal, but that's pretty much it, right?
Keep in mind we're talking beginners here since it's said to be done on Week 1.

Human loves to brag, that's just in our DNA. How you would brag your Javascript code to your pals when all it can do is showing things on the terminal?

Imagine if we're doing the opposite. In a span of a week, you can build a really simple landing page or whatever, and host it for free on those serverless services, and then show it to your friends! ๐Ÿ˜ฒ
Add another week to that and you can build a BMI calculator with DOM modification with vanilla JS and CSS (no framework).

Don't forget to block those known bots when hosting your site so they don't waste your bandwith. โœจ

  1. Learning Angular at week 5

Okay now what the actual f is going on ๐Ÿ˜‚. Diving right into Angular with basic JS, HTML, and CSS knowledge doesn't seem like a great idea...

I'm more inlined with studying React first instead of Angular. React is much more flexible and has a gentle-er learning curve. With React you can more quickly transcends from learning to building; a great way to maintain motivation!

Another great idea why learning Angular at week 5 is not so great is because you need Typescript to build with Angular which seems like won't be learned until week 10.

After you know Typescript, you can start building with Angular. Probably then host your page on Cloudflare Pages for free. Also, while we are talking Typescript...

  1. Learning Typescript after Angular

This one is still in a direct connection with poin 2 above. Pretty much you will need Typescript to build with Angular so there's really no point learning it after you know Angular. ๐Ÿค“


So yeah that pretty much some parts which I disagree with the Ads. What do you think?
I'm open for discussion so please let your voice be heard in the comment section. I'll be seeing you again. Bye now ๐Ÿ‘‹